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Lewmar Winch Service Kits

Lewmar Winch Parts

Lewmar Winch Service Kits

For satisfactory long term performance and product life Lewmar winches must be given the routine and full maintenance procedure described below.

Monthly – All Lewmar winches should be hosed down with fresh water then lightly oiled and greased as described in the separate free leaflet, ‘How to service your winch’.

Two or three times during active sailing season – All Lewmar winches should be stripped, cleaned and lubricated. 

At the end of each sailing season or before starting the new season – All Lewmar winches should be completely stripped, cleaned, thoroughly checked for damage, lubricated and reassembled as detailed in the service manual.

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
lew48000014 Lewmar Winch Spare Parts Kit - Size 6-40 $42.23 Add to cart
lew48000019 Lewmar Winch Spare Parts Kit - Size 30-50 $34.00 Add to cart
lew48000017 Lewmar Winch Spare Parts Kit - Size 50-65 $34.00 Add to cart
lew48000018 Lewmar Winch Spare Parts Kit - Size 66-77 $75.64 Add to cart
lew19700300 Lewmar Three Speed Winch Service Kit $115.88 Add to cart
lew19700401 Lewmar Standard Large Pawls & Springs Kit - Size 50 to 64 $50.00 Add to cart
lew19700501 Lewmar Standard Small Pawls & Springs Kit - Size 6 to 48 $49.00 Add to cart
lew19701000 Lewmar Winch Grease Tube - 100 Grams $18.85 Add to cart
lew19701100 Lewmar Winch Grease Tub - 300 Grams $37.85 Add to cart
lew19701500 Lewmar Winch Maintenance Kit $34.85 Add to cart
lew19701600 Lewmar Winch Racing Lube - 55ml $10.00 Add to cart

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