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Farr 40 Pit Winch
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Lewmar Winch Parts

Farr 40 Mainsheet Winch (44-2 Speed 49044055)
Farr 40 Pit Winch (44-2 Speed w/ Speed Ring Base 40002735)

Farr 40 Pit Winch Parts

Farr 40 Pit Winch Upgrade

Farr 40 Pit Winch Upgrade

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
lewB6061 Lewmar "O"Ring (For Top Cap) $3.00 Add to cart
lew45000385 Lewmar Upper Crown #44 Black $16.85 Add to cart
lew45000305 Lewmar Upper Crown - 44/46ST - Grey $16.85 Add to cart
lew45000308 Lewmar Stripper Ring - 44/46ST $19.85 Add to cart
lew45000389 Lewmar Lower Crown (Black) $16.85 Add to cart
lew45000309 Lewmar Lower Crown - 44/46ST - Grey $18.85 Add to cart
lew45000384 Lewmar 44ST Drum Alum Black $302.75 Add to cart
lew45000314 Lewmar Drum Alum - 44/46ST $314.27 Add to cart
lew15010007 Lewmar Roller Bearing Assembly $18.85 Add to cart
lew15000404 Lewmar Spacer - 46ST $4.85 Add to cart
lew15044116 Lewmar Drum Washer $5.00 Add to cart
lew48044038 Lewmar 44ST Center Stem Modle (june 2000) $0.00 Add to cart
lew45000324 Lewmar Gear Spindle 44ST $27.68 Add to cart
lew15000398 Lewmar Gear Spindle Sleeve 40-46 $7.50 Add to cart
lew45000320 Lewmar Ratchet Gear 44ST $96.68 Add to cart
lew12607 Lewmar Pawl Spring $3.00 Add to cart
lew12608 Lewmar Pawl $12.00 Add to cart
lewB0327 Lewmar SCREWS $3.00 Add to cart
lew45000112 Lewmar Spring $3.00 Add to cart
lew45000113 Lewmar Spring cup $3.00 Add to cart
lew45000318 Lewmar Main Spindle 44ST $232.80 Add to cart
lew45000323 Lewmar Gear Spindle 44ST $31.85 Add to cart
lew45000029 Lewmar Gear Spindle Sleeve $3.00 Add to cart
lew45000322 Lewmar Ratchet Gear 44ST $106.90 Add to cart
lew45000338 Lewmar Stem Disc 44/48 $25.85 Add to cart
lew15000094 Lewmar Super Pawl-Lewmar winch pawl $21.00 Add to cart
lew45003051 Lewmar 44/48 Astor Pawl Gear $289.10 Add to cart
lew45003039 Lewmar Pawl Gear S/S $268.30 Add to cart

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