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Airmar M265LH CHIRP Transducer

Airmar CHIRP Transducers

Airmar M265LH CHIRP Transducer

An in-hull transducer is installed inside the boat hull and sends its signal through the hull. Some people prefer this mounting style because it is not necessary to drill through the vessel's hull. The transducer cannot be damaged by debris, hauling or trailering. The transducer is not exposed to marine growth, and there is no drag.  Additionally, a transducer can be installed and serviced while the vessel is in the water. Airmar's in-hull transducers are mounted inside a liquid filled tank that is first adhered in place. As long as the water flow below the transducer is "clean”, it will give great high-speed performance. In-hull transducers installed over solid fiberglass, will work with any engine type: inboard, outboard, and I/O.

In-Hull transducers will not work with cored fiberglass, wood, or aluminum hulls due to excessive signal loss.

  • Low Frequency CHIRPS from 42 kHz to 65 kHz 25° to 16° beamwidth

  • High Requency CHIRPS from 130 kHz to 210 kHz 10° to 6° beamwidth

  • Medium Frequency CHIRPS from 85 kHz to 135 kHz 16° to 11° beamwidth

  • Plastic / Urethane transducer housing

  • Hull Type: Solid fiberglass only

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airM265CLH Airmar M265 CHIRP In-Hull Transducer - Low/High - No Connector $1262.50 Add to cart
airM265CLH12G Airmar M265 CHIRP In-Hull Transducer - Low/High - Garmin 12-Pin $1341.88 Add to cart


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