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Airmar M260 1kW In-Hull Transducer

Airmar Transducers

Airmar M260 1kW In-Hull Transducer

Setting the In-Hull Standard
It's true! Excellent performance can be achieved from an in-hull mounted transducer. The M260, Airmar's 1 kW in-hull, is designed with Airmar's exclusive Broadband Ceramic Technology. The 200 kHz element provides broadband performance resulting in higher-resolution without sacrificing sensitivity. Combined with a seven-element 50 kHz array, this in-hull has excellent deep-water detection. Because the M260 has narrow beams at both frequencies, separation of individual targets and the ability to distinguish between fish and the bottom makes finding fish easy.

All-Out Fishfinding Performance!
Optimal fi shfi nder performance no longer requires drilling a hole in the hull! The M260 is able to transmit and receive through solid fiberglass, displaying sharp detailed images. Track the bottom at speeds exceeding 30 knots (34 MPH)! Installation simply requires adhering the tank to the inside of the vessel, leaving a clean and smooth hull exterior!

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
airM26010F Airmar IM260 50/200kHZ 1KW In-Hull Transducer - Furuno 10 Pin $787.75 Add to cart
airM2606BR Airmar IM260 50/200kHZ 1KW In-Hull Transducer - Garmin 6 Pin $834.57 Add to cart
airM2608G Airmar IM260 50/200kHZ 1KW In-Hull Transducer - Garmin 8 Pin $834.57 Add to cart
airM260BL Airmar IM260 50/200kHZ 1KW In-Hull Transducer - Lowrance/Simrad BL $875.15 Add to cart
airM260FUR Airmar IM260 50/200kHZ 1KW In-Hull Transducer - Furuno - No Connector $831.25 Add to cart

Fishing Applications
• Blue-water trolling using 50 kHz
• Deep-water bottom and wreck fishing up to 800 m (2,625')

• Top-of-the-line broadband, in-hull transducer
• Recommended for solid fiberglass hulls
• Depth only
• Innovative tank design allows for bow-stern or port-starboard mounting
• Non-toxic anti-freeze (propylene glycol) is used to fill the tank
• Fiberglass resin is used to adhere tank to the hull
• Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kW echosounder
• Boat Size: 8 m (25') and up



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