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Airmar DST800 NMEA 2000 Triducer

Airmar DST800 NMEA 2000 Triducer

Airmar's DST800 Smart™ Sensor features embedded micro-electronics. Depth, speed, and temperature signals are processed inside the sensor and can be displayed on any radar, chart plotter, or device that accepts NMEA 2000® data. The 235 kHz frequency prevents mutual interference with other echosounders on the vessel.

The DST800 is the market's fi rst Retractable TRIDUCER® Multisensor offering depth, speed, and temperature in a single, 51 mm (2”) fitting. Only one hole through the hull simplifies the installation—an attractive feature for boat builders and boat owners alike.

  • Depth, speed, and temperature in one compact housing

  • 235 kHz frequency prevents mutual intrference with other echosounders on the vessel

  • Plastic, bronze, or stainless steel housings available

  • 6 m (20') NMEA 2000® cable and connector

  • Fan shaped transducer beam means no performance loss on hulls with up to 22° of deadrise

  • Retractable insert

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airDST800BVN2 Airmar DST800 - NMEA 2000 - 235kHz Triducer - Bronze $355.83 Add to cart
airDST800PVN2 Airmar DST800 - NMEA 2000 - 235kHZ Triducer - Plastic $294.00 Add to cart
airDST800SVN2 Airmar DST800 - NMEA 2000 - 235kHz Triducer - Stainless $441.38 Add to cart



NMEA 2000® Supported PGNs

59392 ......... ISO Acknowledgement
600928 ....... ISO Address Claim
126208 ....... Acknowledge Group Function
126464 ....... Transmit PGN List Group Function
126464 ....... Received PGN List Group Function
126996 ....... Product Information
128259 ....... Speed (Speed Water Reference)
128267 .......Water Depth (With Transducer Offset)
128275 ....... Distance Log
130310 ....... Environmental Parameters (Water Temperature)
130311 ....... Environmental Parameters (Water Temperature)

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