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Airmar CM-599 Pocket Mount CHIRP Transducer

Airmar CHIRP Transducers

Airmar CM-599 Pocket Mount CHIRP Transducer

Maximum performance, no drag, and increased fuel efficiency. Ideal for sportfishing vessels, high-speed powerboats, or smaller boats where installation of a high-performance transducer is not possible due to trailer, lift, or hull limitations.

Pocket and Keel-Mounted transducers are installed flush to the hull. A flush installation positions the transducers face parallel to the waterline resulting in a beam that is vertically oriented for maximum echo return and incredible performance at speed. Optimum performance is achieved because the face of the transducer is in direct contact with the water, providing the best sensitivity. There is no drag because the transducer is installed either flush into a flat spot located along the keel or into a custom pocket. Boat builders can create a detail in their mold so that a pocket is formed along the keel. The transducer is then inserted into the pocket from the outside of the hull allowing future upgrades without altering the finished hull. Aftermarket installation requires routing a hole in the hull and glassing the transducer flush to the running surface. Running performance is maintained and prop and intake cavitations are eliminated.

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airCM599CLH Airmar CM599 Broadband CHIRP Transducer - Pocket Mount - LH $3106.25 Add to cart
airCM599CLM Airmar CM599 Broadband CHIRP Transducer - Pocket Mount - LM $3350.00 Add to cart
airCM599CLHW Airmar CM599 Broadband CHIRP Transducer - Pocket Mount - LH - Wide $3543.75 Add to cart


  • Low—CHIRPS from 28 kHz to 60 kHz 23° to 9° beamwidth

  • Medium—CHIRPS from 80 kHz to 130 kHz 13° to 8° beamwidth

  • High—CHIRPS from 130 kHz to 210 kHz 8° to 4° beamwidth

  • Depth & fast-response water-temperature sensor

  • 112 kHz (LH) or 82 kHz (LM) of total bandwidth from one transducer

  • Covers popular fishing frequencies of 28, 38, 50, and 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth

  •  Fishing Profile: Recreational and commercial inshore and offshore fishing (deep-water canyon and
    sea-mount tracking)

  • Epoxy transducer housing

  • Hull Type: Fiberglass only


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