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Horizon 600 900 Frefall Windlass Parts
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Simpson Lawrence Windlass Parts

Simpson Lawrence Horizon 600/900 Freefall Windlass Parts

1 Maincase 60540K01
2 Gear Train Cover 60540K26
3 Motor Cover 60540K02
4 Mainshaft Gear 60540K03
5 2nd Compound Gear 60540K04
6 1st Compund Gear 60540K05
10 Motor Drive Shaft Assembly 60540K08
13 Steel Hardened & Ground Dowel 60540K09
14 Steel Hardened & Ground Dowel 60540K09
15 Teflon Flat Washer 60540K09
16 Teflon Flat Washer 60540K09
17 Needle Roller Bearing 60540K09
19 Needle Roller Clutch Bearing 60540K09
20 Needle Roller Bearing 60540K09
21 Needle Roller Bearing 60540K09
22 Needle Roller Bearing 60540K09
23 Socket Screw 60540K10
30 Socket screw 60540K10
35 12V/400W Electric Motor - Discontinued 60540K12
36 12V/600W Electric Motor - Discontinued 60550K13
37 24V/600W Electric Motor 60540K14
40 6mm gypsy Rope/Chain (RC0670) 60541K37
  7mm gypsy Rope/Chain (RC0761) 60541K38
41 Guide Pillar 60540K21
43 Needle Roller Bearing 60540K09
44 Rope/Chain Stripper - Plastic 6060580
44 Rope/Chain Stripper - Stainless 540-044
45 Control Arm 60540K22
46 Torsion Spring 60540K22
47 Pivot Pin 60540K22
49 Wiper Seal 60540K24
50 External Clip 60540K10
51 Socket Screw 60540K10
52 Socket Screw 60540K10
60 Screwed All Threads 60540K25
61 Nyloc Nut 60540K25
62 Washer 60540K25
72 Cover Plug 60540K24
109 Mainshaft 60541K32
111 Drive Core 60541K33
112 Operating Nut 60541K33
113 Freefall Housing 60541K34
114 Housing Spacer 60541K35
115 Thrust Washer 60541K35
116 External Circlip 60541K35
117 Socket Screw 60541K35
118-119 Pawl & Spring Set 6044111
120-121 Nameplate 60541K36
122 Housing Spacer 60541K35
124 Shaft Washer 60541K35
125 Set Screw 60541K35
126 Washer Spring 60541K35

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
lew60540K09 Lewmar Bearing Kit - DISCONTINUED - SOME BEARINGS AVAILABLE - CALL $0.00 Add to cart
lew6060580 Simpson Lawrence Rope/Chain Stripper (Plastic) $34.95 Add to cart
lew540044 Simpson Lawrence Rope Chain Stripper for H600/900 (Stainless) $68.85 Add to cart
lew6044111 Simpson Lawrence Pawl & Spring Set $62.85 Add to cart


Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
lew0052531 Lewmar Dual Direction Solenoid - Light Weight $160.00 Add to cart
lew68000348 Lewmar 50 Amp Circuit Breaker w/Panel $104.31 Add to cart
lew68000240 Lewmar 70 Amp Circuit Breaker w/ Panel $103.02 Add to cart

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